UPDATE Winter AABHN Play-in games

The AABHN play-in games have been set.
After a desire to send the best teams during the AABHN AGM, play-in games to determine the two representatives (usually for AA) for the CWOSSA championships were set as follows:
The 2 top teams from AABHN North will face the 2 top teams from AABHN South in the following format.
– North #1 vs South #2
– South #1 vs North #2
Games are going to be played on the same day at the same venue.
For winter hosts are:

• Boys basketball @ AABHN North #1 – Feb 20

• Girls Volleyball @ AABHN South #1 – Feb 20


• Girls Hockey – March 1 Talbot Gardens

HT (South 1) vs NPC (North 2), 11am
SCS (South 2) vs Paris (North 1), 12pm

• Boys Hockey (contact) – March 1 Lions Arena Brantford

MPSS (North #1) vs SCS (South #2),  3pm
HT (South #1) vs NPC (North #2),  4pm
To determine the teams
The 2 teams in the league that go furthest in the playoffs.
If both teams finish in the same position in the playoffs (ie: lose in the semifinal), seeding will be determined by placing at the end of the regular season.